We're trying to offer the lowest price to our customers. The price is formed based on the average amount of resources potentially required to process our customer's supporting requests, at the same time keeping possible further development of the particular provided solution.

We gladly provide a set of options to lower the price for the loyal customers willing to help us to market our products. You can combine and chose whatever fits you best.

Check out the actual ways to obtain a discount:

1) 10$ one-time discount for registered customers (you must be logged in before passing through checkout)

2) 10$ one-time discount for subscribing to our newsletter

3) 3-5% discount for all purchases - for customers willing to pal up. Request the details on this through the contacts form

4) A discount system for big summary purchase totals ( a summary amount of purchases made, works for registered only) :

200-500 USD - 5% discount

500-1000 USD - 10%

1000-2000 USD - 15%

over 2000 USD - 20%


All these discounts apply to the subtotal of your order. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions, we're very friendly.