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Import/Export Plugin for Magento

Import/Export Plugin for Magento


A tool that simplifies importing products into Magento.

  • Supports all product types and product data such as attributes, tiered pricing, product relations and many more.
  • Allows exporting products into Google Spreadsheet (an online excel-like grid editor) and file.
  • Keeps data formats consistent for import and export processes.
Magelynx Import/Export Plugin for Magento A tool that simplifies importing products into Magento. Based on MAGMI, supports import and export of bundle, configurable, grouped products with tier prices and custom options. Category: Magento extensions Product #: magelynx_import_export_plugin 4.6 stars, based on 9 reviews SIngle store license $99 (Sale ends ) Condition: new

It provides a sufficient and easy-to-work environment making import/export operations really easy  to handle.

The module consists of 2 pages:

  • - Import Profiles
  • - ExportProfiles

The page "Import Profiles" allows you to import products from remote source.
The remote source can be specified in section "Select CSV source".
In there, you can chose from what kind of location to get the import data.
Such location can be one of following:
- Google Spreadsheet which you can chose in the popup window if you click on button "Link..."
- A file on your local PC which you can upload
- A remote URL which you can specify
You can preview the data parsed from the your source in the section "Import Grid".

The page "Export Profiles" allows you to adjust following settings of the products export process:
- define products filtering conditions (section "Build conditional filter")
- adjust the columns or fields of the exported products (section "Adjust fields mapping")
- select the destination of the export or where to send the export data (section "Select destination")
Additionally, you can preview the filtered products which will be exported in the section "Export Grid".

By clicking the button "Save Profile", you can save the parameters of your import session in order to load and reuse it later. You can also use the saved profiles in command line interface and for creating a scheduled cron job.


Instant mass product update and transfer operations

The tool is all about eliminating unnecessary actions and making the process easier, while having support for a full range of the kinds of products informations.

It's extremely flexible, powerful and fast. Being able to process (import and export) any product data, it provides but not limits to following list of features:
- It can import categories (creating required categories on fly),
- product relations (related, up-selling, cross-selling)
- types of the products (bundled, grouped, configurable, downloadable, virtual),
- media (main/small/thumbnail images, media gallery),
- drop-down, multi-select attributes,
- all types of product custom options (like dropdowns, radio buttons etc),
- tier prices ...and many more.

Supported Magento versions: 1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x (latest)

All in One
  • Configurable products
  • Tier prices
  • Multistore supported
  • Categories
  • Custom options
  • Product images gallery
  • Grouped products
  • Related, up-selling, cross-selling products
  • No page reloads (ajax) for smoothest flow
  • Brief logging during import or export process
Advanced UI
  • Customize columns of product grid
  • Direct SQL queries for instant processing
  • Optimally written code for the best performance
CSV formatting examples
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