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Import/Export Plugin for Magento

Import/Export Plugin for Magento


A tool that simplifies importing products into Magento.

  • Supports all product types and product data such as attributes, tiered pricing, product relations and many more.
  • Allows exporting products into embedded Google Spreadsheet (an online excel-like grid editor).
  • Keeps data formats consistent for import and export processes.

Magelynx Import/Export Plugin for Magento A tool that simplifies importing products into Magento. Based on MAGMI, supports import and export of bundle, configurable, grouped products with tier prices and custom options. Category: Magento extensions Product #: magelynx_import_export_plugin 4.6 stars, based on 9 reviews SIngle store license $99 (Sale ends ) Condition: new

It provides a sufficient and easy-to-work environment making import/export operations really easy  to handle.

We really tried to keep it as simple as possible. The idea of 3 tabs is the result of our thoughts how to not force the user to endlessly click through different admin pages and settings, trying to figure out how the parts of the systems relate to each other and how to adjust it.

Import/Export Plugin handles data transfer in both directions: it can export any products data from Magento database into Google Spreadsheet, it can import the products data from Google Spreadsheet into Magento as well.

Magento Products Grid

This tool simplifies and organizes the process of entering and updating product data in your Magento Admin. The ultimate simplicity is achieved by synchronizing an online embedded Spreadsheet, hosted and powered by Google, to your Magento database.

Here are couple important instruments: 1) Select the set of columns to filter by in your products grid. How do you know that all products of your worksheet have properly linked to simple products? Just add a column "Is configurable child" or "Has configurable children". 2) Media buffer: during export, the plugin copies the products images files into that folder (it generates new filenames for them in order to not overwrite something important). So you can basically copy these images into the folder of another Magento installation and copy products with their images almost automatically from anywhere to anywhere this way.

The plugin handles validation

It handles all the basic required validation of the data taken from Google Spreadsheet to ensure the data won't arrive into Magento's database corrupted.

Easily share your products spreadsheet between co-workers

Due to the abilities of Google Spreadsheet it becomes easy to handle a wide range of daily tasks related to catalog data entry.

Easy to follow up logs during the process

While using this plugin, you have a clear and up-to-date reporting during the whole process of performing your import or export operation. This way you have a full control over the process and avoid any unexpected and hard to discover glitches which often happen due to lack of reporting and logging.

Adjust the desired privacy level

You have access right from Magento Admin to the rich set of tools provided by embedded Excel-like spreadsheet editor powered by Google


Instant mass product update and transfer operations

The tool is all about eliminating unnecessary actions and making the process easier, while having support for a full range of the kinds of products informations.

It's extremely flexible, powerful and fast. Being able to process (import and export) any product data, it provides but not limits to following list of features:
- It can import categories (creating required categories on fly),
- product relations (related, up-selling, cross-selling)
- types of the products (bundled, grouped, configurable, downloadable, virtual),
- media (main/small/thumbnail images, media gallery),
- drop-down, multi-select attributes,
- all types of product custom options (like dropdowns, radio buttons etc),
- tier prices ...and many more. Check out comprehensive overview below.

Supported Magento versions: 1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, (latest)

All in One
  • Configurable products
  • Tier prices
  • Multistore supported
  • Categories
  • Custom options
  • Product images gallery
  • Grouped products
  • Related, up-selling, cross-selling products
  • No page reloads (ajax) for smoothest flow
  • Brief logging during import or export process
  • Edit your CSV file inside Magento admin
Advanced UI
  • Customize columns of product grid
  • Embedded Google spreadsheet [i]
  • Direct SQL queries for instant processing
  • Optimally written code for the best performance
Download your CSV sample!

Check the sections that you need and your sample CSV

Choose your topic:
  • Basic Sheet
  • Visibility and Description
  • Configurable Products
  • Inventory
  • Categories
  • Product Options
  • Grouped Products
  • Tier Pricing
  • Multi-store
Basic information and price Inventory For calculating shipping and tax rates
sku name price qty is_in_stock weight tax_class_id
basic-product Basic Product 15 15 1 0 Taxable Goods
Note #1: If you enter new products, at least all these fields are required for 99% Magento installations. If you enter the product manually through standard Magento flow, the admin tool won't let you save the product until you fill up all required fields.

Note #2: If you update the existing products, the minimal amount of fields is 2: "sku" and the field which you want to update.
Product display switch, visibility level Description
status visibility description short_description
Enabled Catalog, Search Basic Product Description Basic Product Short Description
Product type All drop-down options attributes Pricing for each specific option of each drop-down
type configurable_attributes super_attribute_pricing
configurable size,color size::L:12;XL:15,color::red:10;green:15
Note: in Magento, configurable product requires distinct simple product for each particular master product's variant exist in the database.
For example if your configurable product has sku "PROTEIN-BAR", it requires that the variant products "PROTEIN-BAR-CHOCKOLATE" and
"PROTEIN-BAR-STRAWBERRY" already exist in Magento.

There are several ways how to work this out during import:

1. Handle this task manually by inserting all variant simple products first, and then inserting configurable products.
For this, keep in mind following things:

- all simple variants must have all the values assigned fore the each attribute pointed in "configurable_attributes" column of your corresponding master product
i.e. if in our case each variant product must have values for "size" and "color"
- if you respect SKU scheme as in example above (where configurable product's master SKU goes first, and then all variants go with postfix), in such case the
plugin will connect the variants products and master products automatically.
- otherwise you need to add another one column in your configurable products sheet "simples_skus", where you explicitely enter comma-separated SKUs

2. Let it generate on fly all possible simple variants calculated from columns "configurable_attributes" and "super_attribute_pricing"
For this check out settings area of the plugin and enable corresponding function

Stock management Attribute Set
manage_stock use_config_manage_stock attribute_set
No No Jewelry
Note: stock columns work only coupled for some combinations. The idea is that you need to disallow defaulting to the config settings if you want to enable/disable stock counting for your products

Note #2: it won't create your attribute set on fly. Make sure you created your attribute sets and assigned all the attributes BEFORE the import
List of categories separated by ;;
Main Level Category/Sub-Category;;Another-Main-Category/Slash-in-/-Category/etc
Note #1: You can also include column "category_ids" of which format is comma separated list of categories ids. However it's important that you don't use both "categories" and "category_ids" fields at the same time

Note #2: If you need "/" symbol in category name, escape it by prefix "\"

Note #3: Separate categories by "";;""

Note #4: Be very accurate with manual assigning these values. Make sure set full path to each category.

Note #5: Use / HTML character for categories having slash inside their names"
Each column defines separate custom options group. Each column's value defines set of options provided by specific row/product
Size:drop_down:1:2 Design:file:0:1
Small|Medium:percent:5|Large:fixed:10 Design image file:fixed:0:Ref file::jpg,png:500:300
Note #1: all the major fields types are supported. Check out corresponding MAGMI support page for full information on the format used for entering custom options:
Product type Child products, comma-separated list
type grouped_skus
Note: out of box Magento doesn't provide to attach to grouped products nothing but simple products. Make sure your grouped products are being entered AFTER the child simple products were entered.
Tier price defined per group (header) and qty (column value)
tier_price:_all_ tier_price:wholesale
2:-10;5:-20;10:-40 25:-15%;50:-25%;100:-40%
Note: the illustrated format described in words is that header must respect scheme "tier_price:{your group name}", and the assigned value must follow scheme "{starting qty}:-{discount amount}" separated by ;
Comma separated stores codes Per-store attributes or other data
store name price
store_code1,store_code2 Foreign name 35
Note: there are different kinds of product data: attributes (like "name", "visibility", "status"), relations (related products etc) and many more. Not all of these data has possibility to assign on per-store level. You can check if the one you need does have by referring to Magento admin area. In general, all possibilities of data entry or separation on store level allowed by Magento admin are also supported by this plugin.
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